Hurrah! (Your item sold)

So, now what? It’s time to bid farewell…

Box up your item with love so it arrives safely to its excited new owner. Attach the RtR shipping label with the tracking number to your parcel.

Boxed in (The Package)

You’ve listed, you sold and now it’s time to pack. Every product is different, but try to remember these tips when boxing your items:
  1. Select a box that comfortably fits your individually wrapped item
  2. Line the box with bubble wrap, packing paper, or other protective material
  3. Remove or completely cover any previous stickers or labels – especially hazardous material labels to avoid errors or delays in shipping.
Avoid unnecessary headaches and additional shipping charges by remembering that UPS Priority boxes aren’t compatible with USPS First-Class, FedEx, or UPS labels.

Speed Conquers All (Three-Day Shipping)

Ship your item out to the customer within three business days. They can’t wait to receive your item, so it’s important (and required) to get it shipped out within the stated time frame.

If you are experiencing a delay, please let us know ASAP. Orders not shipped out in 3 days will be cancelled and the funds will be returned to the buyer unless RtR accommodates an extension.

Bonus Points: Presentation is everything. (Shipping)

First impressions count, so we recommend taking extra care in wrapping and packing your item for your customer. Ever received a package with a handwritten note? That’s the kind of personalization we’re thinking about. That special touch goes a long way and will help keep you top of mind the next time your customer considers shopping.

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