Keeping it Real (Authenticity):

Genuine and Authentic Fashion

RetheRun does not currently offer third-party authentication to authenticate goods sold on the platform. While we consider adding this feature in the future, for now we rely on our community and our reviewers to keep all articles listed on our site legit. To demonstrate authenticity, sellers are encouraged to include any of the following in their photo gallery and item description.
  • Brand, Quantity, and Size
  • Condition (be transparent about any damage or imperfections)
  • Proof of authenticity, Date codes, and Receipts
  • Serial Numbers, Certificates, or Brand markers (such as holographs or heat stamps)

Truth (The RtR Zero-Fraud Policy):

RetheRun does not allow the listing or sale of any counterfeit goods. Branded products must be authentic and verifiable to be sold on RetheRun.

A buyer has a right to open a claim should they suspect a received item is counterfeit (a fake). They have 48 hours from the time of receipt of the article to do so. If RetheRun finds that a buyer’s claim is in fact legitimate, the buyer will receive a full refund, and the payment to the seller will be cancelled.

We do not take kindly to fraud, so any seller deemed to be knowingly selling or promoting counterfeit merchandise will be subject to a lifetime ban from the RtR site and community.

You’ve been warned. No ifs, ands, or buts

Honesty (It’s the Only Policy)

Sellers are required to include photos, descriptions, and specifications that accurately market the items they’re selling. Providing correct information helps buyers purchase with confidence and minimizes issues with the transaction. All buyers have the right to submit a claim by writing us at, within 48 hours of receiving their item(s) if it is/they are not as described.

If RetheRun validates the buyer’s claim, the money will be returned to the buyer in the form of a refund, and a free shipping label will be sent to them so that they can return the item to the seller.

Slight misrepresentation– If RtR determines the item was slightly misrepresented (missing information, not intentionally misleading)
  • 1st offense: Sellers can relist the items but must update the listing with more accurate information.
  • 2nd offense: Seller will receive a final warning. The item claimed to have been misrepresented cannot be relisted. The seller will be subjected to a low rating from the buyer. (see policy on sellers with low ratings)
  • 3rd offense: Sellers will be banned from selling on RtR and all listings will be removed.
Serious misrepresentation – If RtR determines that a seller purposely misrepresented an item:
  • 1st offense: Sellers will be barred from RtR for a period of 2 weeks, and any active listings will be pulled off. After two weeks, sellers and their listings may return with a final warning, but the item claimed to have been misrepresented cannot be relisted.
  • 2nd offense: Sellers will be banned from selling on RtR, and all listings will be removed.

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