Return Policy


Only items marked as ‘returnable’ are eligible for our return processing (See our Policy for Items Over $500 below.) RetheRun cannot currently accept or process returns for any other item(s) purchased on the marketplace. However, there are some conditions in which we can consider a return. (See the ‘Return Claims’ section below.)

We understand that an item you purchase may not fit the way you envisioned, or just not spark as much joy as you anticipated. In this case, we encourag1e you to RESELL THE RUNWAY!

RetheRun protects all transactions by holding payments until 48 hours after the product is delivered to afford the buyer an opportunity to file a claim in the event that it is warranted.

Remember, you must inform us if the item was misrepresented or could be a fake within 48 hours of receipt. In addition, you’ll need to describe the issue with the item and provide supporting photos.

If RtR accepts your claim, we’ll provide a return-to-seller shipping label and refund your payment once the seller has received and confirmed the item was not worn and returned in the same condition that it was sent.

Don’t delay; all returns must be shipped back to the seller in the condition they were received within three days of your claim approval to receive the refund.

Return Claims:

You may open a return claim if:   

  • The item arrived damaged.  The buyer will need to support their claim by taking photographs of the item.  
  • The item did not arrive at all.
  • There is a suspicion that the item is fake or counterfeit.  (RetheRun has ZERO-FRAUD TOLERANCE. Any buyer or seller discovered to have been a part of any fraudulent activity or transaction will be barred from the site immediately. Please see our zero-tolerance fraud policy.)
  • The item is not as described on the website.  The buyer will need to provide supporting evidence. We may contact the seller for validation.

RtR will investigate all the above scenarios and reserves the right to accept or reject any of these claims. If a claim is approved, RtR will provide a free shipping label to the buyer to return the item to the seller. In addition, a refund in the purchase amount will be made.

RtR Return Policy for items over $500

Only items marked as returnable are eligible for our return processing. If a single item’s listing price exceeds $500, the seller can accept returns. This decision is up to each individual vendor to determine, so only items marked as “returnable” are eligible for a return. This can allow buyers to shop high-priced items with confidence, knowing that they can still return it for a full refund if the item doesn’t fit.

Any buyer of a $500+ item marked as ‘returnable’ will be able to make a return request if they are unsatisfied with the item or if it doesn’t fit. 

  • Any return requests must be submitted within 48 hours of receiving the item
  • Once a return is approved, a shipping label will be sent to the buyer. The buyer has a maximum of 3 days to ship the return out. 
  • Returns must be shipped in their original packaging in the same condition they were received. 
  • Return requests received after 48 hours from initial receipt will be denied. In addition, returns that are not shipped out promptly will be canceled and the buyer will not be eligible for a refund.
  • PLEASE NOTE: a 5% restocking fee will be deducted from the refund amount to cover shipping and restocking costs.

Lost or damaged items:

RetheRun is a marketplace that facilities transactions between buyers and sellers. RetheRun takes steps to protect buyers and sellers by including insurance with the RtR shipping label we provide. Additionally, if an item gets lost or damaged during shipping, the buyer is responsible for reporting any issue within 48 hours of the item being reported delivered by the shipping carrier so that a claim can be made with the shipping carrier. 

If the claim is validated, a refund will be issued to the buyer, and the seller will be responsible for collecting the funds from the shipping insurance. Please note that RtR shipping insurance covers our labels for up to $100; Sellers may purchase additional insurance to cover shipments exceeding the standard covered amount. 

Please note: If the item’s sale price exceeds $100, and the seller wishes to insure it for a higher value, they can purchase additional shipping insurance from a third-party provider; in this case, we recommend

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