Your Debut (Opening an Account)

Creating your RtR Account

Opening an account is easy and takes just a few quick steps. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you’ll need to enter the following information:

  • Full name and accompanying profile Photo
  • Profile description – let us know a bit of you.
  • Address – to receive purchases or returns
  • Credit card info – to make and receive payments
  • Your privacy is important to us. So, only your user-name will be visible to the public. Your account name or address will not be visible unless an item is being shipped to you, in which case the return address will be on the shipping label.

You may choose to use a pseudo name to protect your privacy

Everything Goes… Well, most things (How to Sell):

RetheRun specializes in women’s and children’s wear. We offer and seek out timeless and classic fashion and accessories with a focus on the luxury wear segment, including formal dresses and gowns. We, of course, help resell dresses, skirts, coats, tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories. We are currently not accepting handbags; we’ll let you know when this changes.

Show Off! (Your Listing):

Once you’ve selected which previously-loved items you’ll resell at RtR, you’ll need to photograph it and load it onto our site. While this can seem daunting, the more fun you have, the more creative the session and the higher the photo quality will be. (Creativity helps sales)

So, choose where you will photograph your item(s), well-lit, white, or uncluttered backgrounds work best (you can drape sheets over walls or doors to eliminate background “noise”). We strongly recommend broad hangers that allow the item to hang without looking limp, avoid hanging clothing on hooks or placing them on your bed.

Remember, you want your item to look fantastic to sell quickly at the top price, so take as many photos from different angles as possible. Include any defects or blemishes, however insignificant they may seem, in both your pictures and descriptions. Full disclosure on item quality is essential for your success and will result in a higher rating for you.

It’s essential to convey your item’s actual state, so you must use authentic photos of the listed item you’re selling. Be sure to photograph the front, the back, and every detail (and imperfection). Stock photos can be used as an accessory to your gallery to enhance your listing and can be particularly useful if a model is wearing the item to give the buyer an idea of how the article looks and fits.

Pro Tip; Using photo apps, like Google Lens, can help you source your item online within seconds, allowing you to find stock images, retail prices, and descriptions. This is a helpful, easy tool to use to make the listing process quick and efficient. Plus, the benefit of a stock photo to enhance your listing is invaluable!

Photoroom is another app we love, which can wash your photo of backround noise to make it look like the perfect stock photo for your feature image of your listing!

Finally, image is everything, so please pristinely and meticulously clean/wash/dry clean your items before posting them on the website. Remember that while our sales items have been previously worn, we do not want them to feel that way! Any stained clothing (including deodorant stains on the inner lining) will qualify for a return and impact your seller rating.

Count Your Lucky Stars (Seller Rating)

A seller’s star rating influences their success.

If a seller maintains a 2-star rating (or less) for a sustained amount of time, this may indicate that their items sold were not as described in their listings, their profile may be flagged and monitored by RtR. If we determine that any seller is not an asset to our community, we reserve the right to remove them from the site.

Tell a Story (Item Description)

Be sure to include all details in your description, including brand name, style, fit, etc. the better the story about your item, the more likely it is to sell.

Shoppers tend to search for specific brands. If you know the item’s brand, including this in your listing can get you more traffic and views to your listing.

Describe your items clearly and avoid adjectives or subjective descriptions. Instead, item titles should focus on the type of item, brand, color, and style.

For example, “Girl’s fabulous dress” is subjective and does not provide basic information on the item. In contrast, “Girl’s Marc Jacobs Fit and Flare Pink Dress” offers specific details to attract buyers.

Use tags when appropriate to help buyers find your listing quickly: Try some like: Designer, Wedding, Gown, Athleisure, or the item’s brand name.

Please note, it is crucial to document alterations made to your item in the description, measurements, and photographs. Be sure to detail the altered area in the description box and related images. Chest, waist, hips, length, and sleeve length all should be measured and listed. If an item is listed as a “size 42”- but due to alterations, fits a “size 38”- that item will qualify as being misrepresented and will be eligible for a return and impact the seller’s rating- so be transparent. *Custom-made pieces MUST have measurements included in the description box; Chest, waist, hips, length and sleeve length are the minimal requirements needed.

Setting the sales price

Set your listing price starting at $20 per item.

We encourage you to do your homework to sell more quickly and search online for your item’s resale value. If you need some help determining a fair price, email us at (Be sure to include photos, details, and the original retail price of your item in your message.)

As the site gets traction, sellers will see previously sold items with similar descriptions to their item to help them determine pricing.

Sellers set the price of their items. RetheRun charges a transactional commission for the service, platform innovation, security, and support our community of buyers and sellers.

Items under $49.99: 10% commission.

Items over $50.00: 18% commission.

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